Real Time Evictions (RTE) ©

Real Time Evictions (RTE) © is a proprietary on-line service unique to Richardson Law, LLC (RRLLC). Property owners who retain RRLLC automatically receive this service at no cost. RTE is an on-line service in which property owners can access its files on line and obtain immediate updates as to the exact status of each case.

Our Attorneys at RRLLC are sensitive to the fact that property owners want to know the status of their cases.

How does the RTE system work?

  • Property Owner fills out an on-line form with Tenant information.
  • Property Owner uploads Tenant forms when prompted.

                  Tenant Application;


                   Monthly rent amount;

                   Amount in arrears;

                   30-day notice to vacate (if applicable); and

                   3-day notice to vacate.

  • Property Owner submits Court Costs.
  • Immediately upon the forms and uploads being submitted, the case for that Tenant turns YELLOW.
  • 24 hours after submission, an Eviction Complaint is drafted and the case for that Tenant turns GREEN
  • The Property Owner is notified on-line of the court date and the case for that Tenant turns BLUE.
  • The Court awards Restitution of the Premises and the case for that Tenant turns RED.
  • If the Tenant does not vacate pursuant to Court Order, a set out Order is obtained.
  • Property Owner’s file is updated to completion.

What are the Advantages of RTE?

  • Property Owner knows status of each Tenant file in real time.
  • Eliminates the need to call RRLLC for status of cases.
  • 24-hours from submission to Complaint being drafted and ready to file.
  • Calendared court dates – No missed court dates.