Advocating For Renters

While you don’t own your apartment, you consider this space your home. It’s where you feel safest. It’s where your family shares meals, plans for the future and creates memories. If your landlord engages in unlawful actions, however, you may prefer to ignore the memories that you associate with your rental unit.

Unscrupulous landlords may be in the minority in central Ohio, but the impact they have on their renters’ lives is great. When you are renting property from a landlord who doesn’t meet his obligations, you may suffer financially, physically and emotionally. You may not even realize you can sue your landlord.

For years, our attorneys at Richardson Law LLC have been fighting to secure tenant’s rights for those victimized by their landlords. We understand that you do not own the property where you live; however, you did sign a housing agreement and are entitled to certain rights.

If you suffer from harassment or eviction threats, you can take legal action. If your landlord does not return you security deposit or fails to provide safe living conditions, you can sue for compensation. Our trial attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience to hold landlords accountable for their illegal actions.

Receive Compensation For Your Emotional And Physical Distress

When you visit our Dublin office for your free consultation with our lawyers, we will listen to your story and advise you of your options. We file claims against landlords for matters related to these issues:

  • Wrongful evictions
  • Withheld security deposits
  • Unsafe housing conditions such as the presence of black and toxic mold

Our attorneys take pride in the aggressive and straightforward strategies we create. We realize that your family will not benefit from a lengthy trial. This is why we will focus on strengthening the central issue of your claim: Emphasizing one claim may help you secure a settlement quickly.

We Will Defend Your Tenant’s Rights. Contact Our Firm Today.

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