Learn About Your Foreclosure Defense Options

When your debts increase but your income doesn’t, you may be forced to make a decision on which bills to pay and which to set aside. After covering food, medicine and transportation expenses, you might not have remaining funds for your mortgage payments.

Lenders aren’t concerned about why you stopped paying your mortgage. They care about receiving money for the home loan. They will push to foreclose on your house because they want to recover as much money as possible as quickly as the law allows.

What you need to know is that while foreclosures are legal, you have many ways to defend against them. At Richardson Law LLC, our foreclosure defense attorneys advocate on behalf of distressed homeowners throughout central Ohio. Our legal professionals are familiar with techniques banks and debt collectors use to scare debtors and encourage them to make financially harmful decisions.

We consider it our personal vocation to stand up to financial institutions and to help you find the best solution for your situation. We invite you consult with us in our Dublin office to learn about ways you can defend against your foreclosure. You may find that learning about your choices is empowering and can help reduce your anxiety.

We Pursue Litigation And Nonlitigation Foreclosure Defenses

All of our lawyers are experienced litigators. This means that we can represent your case in court. After studying you the terms of your mortgage, closing documentation and payment history, we will develop a strategy to promote your interests.

Litigation is a complex process and is not the only solution for an impending foreclosure. Our attorneys can advise you on the benefits of many nonlitigation options, including:

  • Private sale
  • Short sale
  • Loan reinstatement
  • Loan modification
  • Bankruptcy

Whether you choose to fight your lender in court or seek to negotiate out of court, we will partner with you through all steps of your proceedings. Our attorneys are extremely accessible and direct in their advice. You benefit from our honest counsel because you will be able to make well-informed decisions on issues with long-term repercussions.

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