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At Richardson Law, LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to helping you obtain justice when you have been cheated or injured. We will work with you to protect what matters: your well-being, income and property.

The Legal Partner You Need To Get The Results You Deserve


As advocates, we know that each of our client’s cases is unique.  You may think that you are facing insurmountable odds alone, but our attorneys are legal allies at your side.  We have the legal knowledge and trial experience to successfully prosecute your claims or defend you in court.  We will fight for your best interests over all others.

We are litigation attorneys, estate planners, contract drafters, and advocates for our clients and their interests.  Each of our attorneys will bring their legal knowledge and experience to bear to achieve your goals.  We are zealous in our representation and always seek to develop a plan to best meet your situation and benefit you.

Offering Straightforward Solutions For Fraud And Injury Claims


At our firm, our attorneys are committed to using the law to hold deceitful or careless people responsible for their actions. You may have been harmed by the willful dealings of an individual or an institution. You may have suffered injuries by someone’s neglect. For consumer fraud or personal injury cases, you can rely on our lawyers to advocate on your behalf.

You gain when we aggressively represent you for matters such as:

We have a commendable record of success in arguing claims on both the state and federal level.

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Advising You On Your Legal Options For Business And Estate Affairs


In addition to consumer fraud claims and personal injury cases, our firm provides legal services in other practice areas. Our cost-effective offerings allow you to receive comprehensive legal advice at an economical rate.

We have substantial experience in designing solutions for legal concerns related to:

  • Business development
  • Estate plans
  • Will drafts, administration and litigation
  • Probate
  • UAW member and retiree representation

Whether you need guidance in business entity selection or in avoiding a complicated probate, our legal professionals can assess your circumstances and identify the most efficient course of action to take.

Client Testimonials

  • Kevin A.
    I was initially skeptical of the advertised claims that attorneys are passionate advocates for the common man, but I was quickly proved wrong after meeting with Randy Richardson. There is no hyperbole here, only truth in advertising. The firm's philosophy truly is one of putting the client's interest first. Randy was extremely generous with his time and evaluated my case from every possible angle. He was knowledgeable, thorough, respectful and attentive. I would recommend him very highly without hesitation or reservation.
    Kevin A.
  • Christine P.
    I came to Mr. Richardson because I was sued on a credit card debt. They threatened to garnish my Social Security Income and take my car. I could not afford that to happen. I asked Mr. Richardson to see if they would accept a payment plan. I couldn't believe it when we sued them under some federal law. They erased my debt, I got some money, and they had to pay his fees. I am so grateful for Mr. Richardson.
    Christine P.
  • William S.
    Randy Richardson was meticulous and methodical in digging out and analyzing the data regarding our situation in order to provide us with a vigorous and successful defense in our very complex mortgage situation. Most importantly, Mr. Richardson kept us apprised along the way with constant feedback and responded in a timely manner to our comments and questions. Having worked with many attorneys in our current business, this is a most unexpected quality in a legal firm. We highly recommend and you will benefit from using Randy Richardson.
    William S.
  • Arthur P.
    Wow, a lawyer who answered or returned every call. He answered every email within hours. He provided me with his direct phone number. I received copies of every document that came into or out of his office. I have never been treated better.
    Arthur P.
  • Steve H.
    My wife and I had our wills done 15 years ago. Randy kindly offered to review our wills at no charge. He immediately informed us that the wills were invalid and subject to being contested. Randy drafted a new will which provided us great peace of mind. He also wrote a power of attorney, health care power of attorney, living will and burial instructions. We are so relieved. Our estate would have been a mess for our family.
    Steve H.
  • J.H.
    I met with Mr. Richardson on a legal issue. While he was reviewing my paperwork for the reason I was there, he found a loan contract that he thought was illegal. Within one month, the lender cancelled the loan balance and corrected my credit rating. I got to keep the $5,000 I borrowed, did not have to repay the principal owed of $5,200, avoided the monthly payment of $435, and saved $42,000 over the life of the loan! All this and it was not even the reason I went to see him.
  • A .O.
    Karl is an exceptionally thorough and knowledgeable lawyer with a great ability to connect to his clients. Not only was Karl always able and willing to explain the intricacies of my matter in detail, but he was extremely eager to continue answering any questions I may have had until he was certain that I was up to speed. I cannot overstate Karl's ability to keep me well-informed and at ease with the oft confusing legal landscape. I would certainly recommend Mr. Snyder to anyone I know who is looking for a lawyer in Consumer Protection.
    A .O.
  • I had a difficult situation with the transfer of a title. Attorneys Zach Splain and Karl Snyder were a great help. The cost was reasonable and the service and follow up were fantastic. I would highly recommend them.

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