Using The Law To Protect Consumers From Fraud

Your family depends on your income for housing, transportation, food and health care. If you fall behind on your bills or become hurt, you may lose your ability to cover all of these expenses. Borrowing money can solve this problem temporarily. However, if you receive a loan to fund these bills, the fine print in your loan’s contract may create more debt.

Unethical banks and lenders take advantage of people who are overwhelmed by financial problems. They will use your stressful situation to make a profit at your family’s expense. Eventually, your short-term concerns will be replaced by long-term issues.

At Richardson Law LLC, our attorneys have helped hundreds of Ohio residents cheated by auto dealers, home improvement contractors, car repair shops, merchants, lenders, and those harrassed by collection agencies and creditors.

When you meet with our consumer protection lawyers, we will review your case and explain your options. Richardson Law LLC attorneys have presented claims in court and are familiar with Ohio’s judicial process. We know which evidence to introduce, which arguments to make and which settlements to accept. As a result, your case will be handled efficiently so that you can be compensated as quickly as possible.

We Provide Solutions For Consumers

At our Dublin firm, our legal professionals design aggressive strategies for unfair practices for a range of purchases, loans and debt, including:

  • Auto Fraud
  • Home Improvement
  • ID Theft
  • Credit Reporting
  • Product Purchases
  • Motor Vehicle Repair
  • Collection Harrassment

If your creditors are harassing you and threatening to bring you to court, our attorneys can also take legal action on this debt defense matter.

Take On Unscrupulous Lenders With Our Help

Call 614-379-3977 to schedule a free initial consultation at our firm. Ohio law sets deadlines for filing suits about consumer fraud, so it’s important to contact us before the statute of limitations expires.