Don’t Let Car Sales Fraud Affect Your Transportation

When you were looking for a car, you didn’t want anything fancy. You needed a reliable vehicle. Although your name may be the only one listed on the car loan, your family counts on your ability to drive to work.

After you signed the agreement for your car loan, the salesperson assured you that you were getting a great deal on good car. You’re not so sure months after your purchase. Engine failures, brake problems and a recently discovered rusted undercarriage have increased your debt and lessened the overall life of your automobile. Now, you don’t have a reliable form of transportation but you do have more bills to pay.

For years, our lawyers at Richardson Law LLC have recognized an increase in automotive sales fraud in central Ohio. We have seen too many cases of illegal debt collection practices and underhanded sales techniques in area dealerships. We understand that you purchased a product in good faith and have been victimized as a result.

We Hold The Responsible To Account For A Range Of Fraudulent Acts

In Ohio, you are protected by laws that safeguard your rights when you are buying a new or used car. People may be familiar with lemon laws, which provide compensation for new cars that have substandard quality. There are other regulations as well.

Our consumer protection lawyers design aggressive strategies to help car owners who have been cheated by practices such as:

  • Bait and switch advertising
  • Undeclared motor vehicle rust
  • Hidden body damage
  • Rolling back mileage reading
  • Failure to provide a car title
  • Failure to honor a warranty
  • Illegal charges and fees

When you meet with our skilled attorneys, we will listen to your account, inspect the terms of your loan and study the documentation you received with your title. All of our lawyers have substantial experience arguing cases in court and know how to navigate the litigation process. As a result, your case will be handled in an efficient manner. Work with us so you can leave this problem in your rearview mirror.

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