Your Partner During Probate

If you have been designated as estate executor, your duties may be numerous and complex. Executors must follow the probate process to disburse the debts of the estate and distribute assets to beneficiaries. Matters can become complicated if your loved one leaves no will or if others dispute its validity. When added to the grief you feel after a loved one’s passing, these personal conflicts and legal responsibilities can overwhelm you.

During this stressful time, it helps to have an objective and knowledgeable partner to shoulder the burdens that can accompany an executor’s tasks. Our probate litigation attorneys at Richardson Law LLC offer compassionate counsel while we work to resolve your concerns.

Our lawyers have been commended for the straightforward advice we offer regarding Ohio’s probate process. If you are not familiar with your legal obligations as an executor, we will explain your duties. If you need to take legal action to defend a will, we will develop a strategy to protect your interests efficiently and discretely. Your legal affairs should not compound the emotional stress that is already present.

Rely On Our Advocacy To Streamline Probate Litigation

Disputes can arise when individuals challenge an executor’s handling of an estate or contest the provisions of the estate. Our attorneys can take legal action to address a variety of probate litigation matters such as:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Will contests
  • Elder law disputes
  • Estate distribution disputes
  • Undue influence claims
  • Claims against estates

While we will aggressively promote your case, our attorneys strive to limit your time in court and settle conflicts quickly. You can find closure when you can leave these legal issues in the past.

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